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UGO B2, 2 grids, black painted.

UGO B1, 1 grid, black painted.


UGO - professional charcoal oven for barbecued cuisine;

UGO, Universo Grill Oven, is a compact professional charcoal oven, easy to install, which does not require complex aspiration systems, perfect for all those places that wish to offer grilled cuisine, such as traditional or grill restaurants, “steak houses”, tapas bars.

The revolutionary feature of UGO is its patented grill extraction system, synchronized with the lifting of the closing door. This innovative system allows the Chef to open the oven and operate directly on the grill with a single movement, without coming into contact with the internal part of the oven.
Furthermore, a rear bulkhead prevents dangerous heat leaks at high temperatures as well as the spread of smoke inside the kitchen.
The grill extraction system together with the internal insulation allows a significant charcoal consumption reduction and a minimal heat transmission within the environment where it is placed.
In the double extraction grill version the Chef has the possibility of using two different heat intensities: one for quick cooking foods and another for longer cooking. Furthermore, it is possible to combine different foods without risk of contamination during cooking. The oven chimney, built with a forced fume management circuit and with a ventilation handwheel with 6 different opening positions, allows you to regulate, filter and cool the fumes that exit towards the kitchen hood and avoid contamination between the fumes deriving from different foods (for example, fish or meat). Furthermore, UGO is equipped with a special electric ignition fan which, through the forced oxygenation of the combustion chamber, allows quicker ignition of the embers and the reaching of the cooking temperature in estimated times of around 20/25 minutes with the use of charcoal we suggest.

The combustion chamber has a separate access from the cooking chamber and can therefore be easily used to refill the chatcoal with the appropriate accessory, or directly with wood, even while the oven is in operation, without interfering with the food cooking process.

UGO, with its unique design in the food service industry, is very robust, completely built in Inox Aisi 430, while all the parts that come into contact with foods are made of stainless steel Aisi 304

Available in the basic version with 1 or 2 grids, it can be customized in terms of colors or with different drawer opening handles.

As optional, support with wheels, chafing dishes, ash vacuum cleaner, colors, internal chimney extension, external chimney extension.

Available in:
RAL 9005 Text
RAL 5003 Text
RAL 1006 Text
RAL 3003 Text

Model N. grids Dimensions
with drawer closed
with drawer open
UGO B1 1 80 x 68 x 124 cm 80 x 99 x 124 cm 220 V
UGO B2 2 80 x 68 x 144 cm 80 x 104 x 144 cm 220 V


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