Universo Grill produces custom-made, handcrafted charcoal grills and roasters: beautiful professional kitchen equipment that has become the hallmark of numerous restaurants in Italy and around the world.

Our DNA, our promise, is to be the focus of an unforgettable culinary experience.

Our customers – restaurants, designers, entrepreneurs, architects and hospitality experts- look to Universo Grill for  a premium product that can help them create an iconic space for their customers.

To deliver on this promise:

  • We offer innovative solutions in design, work organisation and production efficiency
  • We assist our customers in configuring a product that reflects their ideal
  • We manufacture products with the highest quality materials, which guarantee long-lasting and reliable operation
  • We provide constant support to our customers – our products are built to last


Bringing people around a fire



We create handcrafted professional charcoal grills and customised roasters that celebrate design, the land and its traditions.



  • Attention: research and precision in the realisation of a product created ad hoc to best  satisfy the customer;
  • Courage: our growing desire to become pioneers in the world of a product that comes from Florentine craftsmanship;
  • Creativity: our aim is to foster innovation and explore the horizons of technology and design;
  • Legacy: our products are made in Florence, home of the famous Florentine steak and are made to enhance the traditions of our region both in Italy and around the world.
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