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2 PLX106 M with charcoal drawers, under hood and hood, de Luxe version.

Customized structure with PLX106M, 2 side worktops and shelves with glasses, red painted.

Customized structure with PLX106M and CG488 under the same hood with doors, brown painted.

Structure with 2 PLX80M, Deluxe version, brown painted.

Customized structure with PLX106M, side stainless-steel worktop with tank, with doors and hood, brown painted.

Lava stone grill PLX 80M with Churrasco.

Lava stone grill PLX 106 M.

Griglia a pietra lavica PLX 80 M.

Lava stone grill PLX 60 M.

Customized structure black painted sheet with PLX80M, right side worktop, front screen, doors.

Lava stone grill

Professional lava stone grill for catering.

The professional lava stone grill is perfect for all those restaurants that need a quick, easy-to-use grill, capable of maintaining a constant temperature for a long time and guaranteeing widespread, even cooking of food, be it meat, vegetables, fish or any other food.

Lava stone cooking exploits the combination of gas flame heating and the heat-retaining capacity of the volcanic material, which then slowly releases it.

Its structure is made of Aisi 430 stainless steel while the cooking part is made of 304 stainless steel that fully complies with the strictest regulations (Moca”, in Italy).

Inside: stainless steel tubular burners protected in the upper part through which the lava stone is heated evenly arranged on stainless steel-316 expanded mesh; a combustion chamber made to keep the flame stable and not to disperse the heat; a slide system that allows you to deposit all the cooking debris in a special drawer.

The 4-adjustment grid system allows you to cook any food, even the most delicate ones, at different temperatures, as well as keeping it warm while waiting to be served.
The range consists of two versions: the PLX counter series and the PLX/M produced with a cabinet with an open compartment complete with feet. Both available in 4 models: PLX60/M with a single grating, PLX80/M and PLX106/M with a single grating, but usable only for half, PLX124/M with two separate grating that can also be used independently.

The grills must necessarily be placed under a hood. The standard version is in stainless steel but on request it can be finished with oven varnish in any color desired.

As optional: hood (h 75 cm), insulated under hood(h 70 cm), charcoal drawers, front doors and rear closure for PLXM, grilled meat, fish or mixed grilled (except for PLX60), internal lighting, two-levels churrasco for skewers, wheels, grill cover for outdoors, , colors.

Daily maintenance is very simple, just brush the top of the burners, empty the debris and oil drawer, and wash the lava stone in water and soda. If you do not change the type of food, such as meat only, weekly cleaning of the lava stone is enough.

Lava stone grill
Model Burners Thermal



   Dimensions Cooking Grid.
PLX60 1 11,5 0,91   60 x 70 x 40 cm 47 x 48 cm
PLX80 2 13,8 1,09   80 x 70 x 40 cm 47 x 68 cm
PLX106 2 24 1,82 106 x 70 x 40 cm 47 x 94 cm
PLX60M 1 11,5 0,91   60 x 70 x 85 cm 47 x 48 cm
PLX80M 2 13,8 1,09   80 x 70 x 85 cm 47 x 68 cm
PLX106M 2 24 1,82 106 x 70 x 85 cm 47 x 94 cm
PLX124M 2 11,5 x 2 1,82 124 x 70 x 85 cm 47 x 48 (x2) cm


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