Universo Grill has always produced professional grills and roasters for the catering industry according to the ancient Florentine craft tradition, which takes care of the workmanship of each individual component using the finest materials to create products of excellence.

High quality materials and considerable thickness are chosen and crafted to create a timeless, robust product with undisputed appeal.

As for the iron parts, they are protected by galvanic treatments, such as chrome plating, galvanising or high-temperature resistant paint.

Our products are made of stainless steel, a strong and durable material, unalterable over time and easy to take care of.

They can be manufactured in any colour of the Ral scale, with chrome finishes that give the product great prestige.

The master craftsmen make sure that every creation is finished down to the smallest detail, from the meticulous hand-welding that ensures a perfect result, to the work done on the traditional lathe, where each component is defined before assembly.

Carpentry work that still involves the skilful use of the classic anvil and hammer by our craftsmen is perfectly complemented by state-of-the-art machinery, such as laser cutting, marking and machinery centres.

Universo Grill only produces to customer order, ensuring that the manufacturing process is carried out according to specific requirements. We take all the time it takes to ensure that the final product reflects the excellence that has always been part of the Florentine art.

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