Professional grills for different cooking methods, used in the best restaurants, grill houses, risto-macellerie and steak houses.

Tuscany W grill

Created specifically for the catering industry, the Tuscany W is a professional grill that allows the chef to enhance the cooking of the best meat, fish and vegetables. Designed for all lovers of flavour and taste, it is able to create a magical atmosphere in the premises where it is placed in view of diners, […]

Tuscany C grill

The Tuscany C is a professional charcoal grill perfect for all those places that want to offer grilled cuisine, such as traditional restaurants, taverns, trattorias, steakhouses, “risto-butchers”, “steak houses”, and in some cases even for private customers.

Churrasco charcoal grill

Optional extras include an interior lighting kit for better visibility while cooking, charcoal drawers or doors, the application of wheels, non-standard colours, the grill set for grilling when not using the swords; the circular reduction and support for arrosticini; sword with additional wooden handle.

Lava stone grill

The professional lava stone grill is perfect for all those restaurants that need a quick, easy-to-use grill, capable of maintaining a constant temperature for a long time and guaranteeing widespread, even cooking of food, be it meat, vegetables, fish or any other food.

Built-in charcoal grill

The range of built-in charcoal grills is perfect for all those establishments that have a fireplace or any masonry structure and wish to offer charcoal cooking, such as traditional restaurants, taverns, trattorias, ‘risto-butchers’, ‘steak houses’, and in some cases also for private customers.

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