Professional grills for different cooking methods, used in the best restaurants, grill houses, risto-macellerie and steak houses.

Tuscany W grill

Created specifically for the catering industry, the Tuscany W is a professional grill that allows the chef to enhance the cooking of the best meat, fish and vegetables. Designed for all lovers of flavour and […]

Tuscany C grill

The Tuscany C is a professional charcoal grill perfect for all those places that want to offer grilled cuisine, such as traditional restaurants, taverns, trattorias, steakhouses, “risto-butchers”, “steak houses”, and in some cases even for […]

Churrasco charcoal grill

Optional extras include an interior lighting kit for better visibility while cooking, charcoal drawers or doors, the application of wheels, non-standard colours, the grill set for grilling when not using the swords; the circular reduction […]

Lava stone grill

The professional lava stone grill is perfect for all those restaurants that need a quick, easy-to-use grill, capable of maintaining a constant temperature for a long time and guaranteeing widespread, even cooking of food, be […]

Built-in charcoal grill

The range of built-in charcoal grills is perfect for all those establishments that have a fireplace or any masonry structure and wish to offer charcoal cooking, such as traditional restaurants, taverns, trattorias, ‘risto-butchers’, ‘steak houses’, […]

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