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Tuscany W 3 grids with rotisserie, black painted.

Tuscany W 3 grids with rotisserie, red painted.

Tuscany W 4 grids - Anthracite gray painted.

Tuscany W 3 grids 430 stainless steel.

Tuscany W 2 grids, red painted.

Tuscany W 2 grids pastellblau painted with custom hood and rotisserie presetting.

uscany W 2 grids with rotisserie, without hood, blue painted.

Tuscany W grill

The Tuscany W- Professional wood-fired grill for barbecuing.

Created specifically for the catering industry, the Tuscany W is a professional grill that allows the chef to enhance the cooking of the best meat, fish and vegetables.

Designed for all lovers of flavour and taste, it is able to create a magical atmosphere in the premises where it is placed in view of diners, thus becoming an object that combines design and credibility.

The Tuscany W is suggested for all those venues that wish to offer barbecued cuisine, such as: traditional restaurants, osterias, trattorias, risto-macellerie” and “steak houses”.

The Tuscany W is a professional grill for cooking with wood and/or charcoal fires.

Made of 430 stainless steel for high temperatures and 304 stainless steel for foodstuffs or in sheet iron in the coloured versions, it is a product built to last.

The Tuscany W is insulated with rock wool and refractory tables, so that temperature transmission to the outside is prevented and even and constant cooking is guaranteed.

Thanks to the ventilation system designed with guided ash trays, the temperature can be regulated and thus save on wood and coal consumption.

The Tuscany W has been developed in collaboration with renowned chefs who have allowed the development of a highly functional and ergonomic product, just think of the 4-adjustable grill system that allows any food, even the most delicate, to be cooked at different temperatures, as well as keeping it warm while waiting to be served.

The grids can be fixed or reversible depending on what you want to cook, and are equipped with a two-thickness adjustment system that allows you to place any type of food on them, without the need to handle it.

The Tuscany W range is produced in 3 versions: 2, 3 or 4 grids, or in special cases customized to project.

In the version with 2 grids, it is equipped with a single charcoal drawer, while in the versions with 3 or 4 grids it has 2.

The Tuscany W can be made entirely of stainless steel or painted in an oven.

Optional extras include a rotisserie spit for up to 12 chickens or a small roast suckling pig, or just the provision for a possible addition at a later date; internal lighting kit for better visibility while cooking; side door for loading wood; additional coal drawers or doors, non-standard colours; wheel application; circular reduction and support for roast pork.

Tuscany W grill
Model N. Grids Dimensions
Tuscany W 2G 2 121 x 95 x 245  cm
Tuscany W 3G 3 176 x 95 x 245  cm
Tuscany W 4G 4 230 x 95 x 245 cm


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