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Tuscany C 3 grids, painted in anthracite colour.

Tuscany C base 3 grids, painted in anthracite colour.

Tuscany C 3 grids 430 stainless steel.

Tuscany C base 3 grids, brown painted

Tuscany C 2 grids, brown painted.

Tuscany C 2 grids 430 stainless steel.

Tuscany C base 1 grid, painted in blue colour.

Tuscany C base 1 grid, painted in blue colour.

Tuscany C grill

Professional charcoal grill for grilled cooking.

The Tuscany C is a professional charcoal grill perfect for all those places that want to offer grilled cuisine, such as traditional restaurants, taverns, trattorias, steakhouses, “risto-butchers”, “steak houses”, and in some cases even for private customers.

One of the most important features of this product is its robustness; in fact, its external structure is made entirely of 15-tenths thick painted sheet iron, or entirely of stainless steel. The internal parts are made of Aisi 430 stainless steel, specifically for working at high temperatures; the brazier tray is made of 4 mm thick iron and the charcoal holder grill is made entirely of cast iron. All the grills and components that come into direct contact with food are made of Aisi 304 stainless steel, which fully complies with the strictest regulations (Moca”, in Italy).

The Tuscany C grill is insulated with insulating material, so as to avoid the transmission of temperature to the outside and ensure homogeneous and constant cooking, essential for all foods, in addition to safety for the operator who uses it.

This product also allows you to control the oxygenation of the embers thanks to the aeration system designed with guide ash drawers, which allow you to modulate the passage of air on the desired part of embers, guaranteeing the possibility of regulating the temperature and thus saving. on the consumption of coal.

The Tuscany C is equipped with the 4-adjustment grid system allows you to cook any food, even the most delicate ones, at different temperatures, as well as keeping it warm while waiting to be served

Each grid is supplied double: using the special grid equipped with hooks supplied, it is possible to position and block the food inside. This allows you to turn the grill instead of the food while cooking and is particularly useful for foods that tend to stick together during cooking, such as fish.

The handles have been designed and built to ensure correct ergonomics of use by the operator.

The Tuscany C range is produced in 4 versions : 1, 2, 3 or 4 grids, or in special cases customized to project and can be provided in a stainless-steel finish or custom painted in any desired color for a perfect integration in any environment.

Optional, hood and under hood, internal lighting for better visibility while cooking, the rear tempered glass, additional charcoal drawers or doors, wheels, custom colors, circular reduction, “arrosticini support”.

Tuscany C grill
Model N. grids Dimensions – Base Dimensions – with Hood
Tuscany C  1G 1   64 x 70 x 90 cm   64 x 70 x 220 cm
Tuscany C  2G 2 118 x 70 x 90 cm 118 x 70 x 235 cm
Tuscany C  3G 3 174 x 70 x 90 cm 174 x 70 x 235 cm
Tuscany C  4G 4 226 x 70 x 90 cm 226 x 70 x 235 cm


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