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Wood-burning fireplace with two grills with wood-fired rotisserie, model M2.

Wood-burning fireplace with rotisserie MC 22 / 24

Wood-burning fireplace with rotisserie M0

Wood-burning fireplaces

Professional fireplaces for grills and roasters.

Our range of professional wood roaster fireplaces and grills is designed for all those premises that need a professional facility where they can use our wood roasters and charcoal grills.

The M range is made of fifteen-tenths painted iron sheet, completely insulated in the rear side and in the rear with refractory stone while the sides with rock wool.

The hood is completely insulated with rock wool and a flame splitter that prevents from sudden flames. The base on which the rotisserie rests is composed of an iron tank with special dividing supports that support the refractory bricks that are aligned with refractory earth.

The M range includes the models:

M0 designed to install a wood-fired rotisserie

M1 designed to install a wood-fired rotisserie plus a professional charcoal grill inside

M2 designed to install a wood-fired rotisserie plus two professional grills.

For this models, the customer can choose from one of our wood-fired rotisseries B20, A22, A24, A26, A28.

The 4-adjustment grid system allows you to cook any food, even the most delicate ones, at different temperatures, as well as keeping it warm while waiting to be served.

Each grid is supplied double: using the special grid equipped with hooks supplied, it is possible to position and block the food inside. This allows you to turn the grill instead of the food while cooking and is particularly useful for foods that tend to stick together during cooking, such as fish.

All models include wood cage, firewood door, ash drawer and charcoal drawer (1 model M1 only, 2 model M2). I.

Furthermore, the range includes models MC22 and MC24 with external rotisserie motor (right or left) which respectively include: the rotisserie with 8 and 10 skewers of 108 cm (without manual device) the tempered glass doors, the oil tray.

This cooking equipment is designed for indoor use. If used in outdoor areas, it is mandatory that it is placed under a waterproof cover and it is necessary to agree beforehand the most suitable steel type.

Optional: tempered sliding glass panes, interior lighting kit,, firewood trolley, non-standard colours, additional wood side door, circular reduction and roasting stand

Wood-burning fireplaces
Model N. Rotisserie N. Grids Spits cm Dimensions
M 0 1 124 180 x 125 x 250 cm*
M 1 1 1 124 230 x 125 x 250 cm*
M 2 1 2 124 283 x 125 x 250 cm*
MC 22 1 108 148 x 125 x 250 cm
MC 24 1 108 148 x 125 x 250 cm

*The dimensions are intended to house the rotisserie A22-24-26″


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