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Camino girarrosto a gas a 10 spiedi con ruote verniciato colore rosso, modello CG960.

Disponibile in tutti i colori della scala RAL
Disponibile in ACCIAIO INOX non verniciato
Gas rotisserie fireplace

Professional gas rotisserie chimney for rotisseries and poultry shops.

The professional gas rotisserie fireplace was created for all those places such as rotisseries, poultry shops, which want to offer their customers chickens, deviled chickens, roasts, game, livers, shanks, roulades, and potatoes with a fast and controlled cooking.

The multi-gas burner, combined with a refractory brick wall, radiates heat evenly, ensuring that food is cooked evenly.

Our range of gas roasting chimneys, constructed entirely of Aisi 430 stainless steel, while all parts that come into contact with food are made of Aisi 304 stainless steel, uses the ‘planetary system’ which allows the skewers to make a 360° turn every 4 revolutions of the main disc, thus ensuring even and uniform cooking.

All models are equipped as standard: the double motor – a historical innovation of Universo – which allows the cooking of even single skewers without the need to move the entire disc; telethermometer for temperature; two drawers for objects; a front tilting door partially retractable, in tempered glass, easy to clean thanks to a stop system; internal lighting; a stainless steel tank where to place a few cm of water to create the correct humidity ideal for cooking food and also collect the cooking oils while maintaining the rotisserie inside is always clean; castors.

The various models differ from each other in the quantity of skewers to use, i.e. 6, 8, 10 skewers. A wide range of stainless steel skewers of different sizes are supplied: 78 and 108 cm.

The removable central axis is used for cooking porchetta, lambs, turkeys and other products weighing more than 10-15 kg.

As optional: doors, charcoal drawer, skewers different from the standard with small or long for, circular reduction.
The maintenance of our rotisseries is minimal and consists in cleaning the skewers, the disc and the burner after each use; moreover, thanks to the detachable axis, extraordinary maintenance can also be carried out easily.

Gas rotisserie fireplace
Modello N. Spiedi Carico polli Spiedi cm Dimensioni Potenza
CG246   6 24   78 125 x 75 x 230 cm 14 kW
CG366   6 36 108 155 x 75 x 230 cm 22 kW
CG488   8 48 108 155 x 87 x 245 cm 22 kW
CG960 10 60 108 155 x 93 x 245 cm 22 kW


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