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As successful producer of charcoal grills, we introduced the innovative lavagrills, fueled by gas, in early 80's to complete our full-round offering. Such units are characterised to be very easy to use and clean, and moreover for simple maintenance.

Burners are placed below a lava rock layer and aim to heat them up. By nature, lava rocks are porous, with small holes throughout the rock. This makes them an excellent heat-holding source, allowing to distribute heat throughout the grill, into areas where the gas flames may not otherwise reach. The lava rocks absorb the heat from the gas flame and hold and distribute it to any area the lava rocks are placed, creating a more widespread cooking area as well as greater heat throughout the grill.

Other features: Cooking surface with height adjustable by means of front levers, Cooking surface available in V-bars (meat) or round-bars (fish & vegetables), Easy to clean collecting fat tray, available countertop or base stand-alone units, all type of gas compatible.

Grills are CE marked to meet severe European directives of consumer protection and safety.
Our charcoal grills are made up of high quality materials making them durable and corrosion resistant, engineered to last a lifetime. Without remove the grill, in each model is possible to upset the cooking grill as well as to adjust the height for easy and precise cooking.

All solid fueled grills are available on trolley (with locking casters), as a drop-in units (suitable for installation in customer's own islands), or stand-alone complete with base (with service drawers) and hood. All units can be enhanced by means of our De Luxe decorative elements or tailored to customer requirements.

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Lavastone Grills, Gas Fueled

Model width Grills Cooking area, Cm Heat, kW Overalls, Cm
PLX47 1 W35xD47 9 47x70x49H
PLX60 1 W48xD47 11,6 60x70x49H
PLX80 1 W68xD47 14 80x70x49H
PLX106 1 W96xD47 23,2 106x70x49H
PLX47M 1 W35xD47 9 47x70x95H
PLX60M 1 W48xD47 11,6 60x70x95H
PLX80M 1 W68xD47 14 80x70x95H
PLX106M 1 W96xD47 23,2 106x70x95H
PLX124M 2 2 x W48xD47 23,2 124x70x95H
griglie pietra lavica gas


Countertop units: PLX47, PLX60, PLX80, PLX106. Stand-alone units (with open base): PLX47M, PLX60M, PLX80M, PLX106M, PLX124M.

The lavastone grill is a piece of equipment for cooking all type of food like meat, fish, and vegetables, and maintaining the full original flavours. The main characteristics rendering the lava-stone grill indispensable to cook at professional level are the cleanliness in conformity with hygene regulations, quick cooking times, and bringing out flavours. Lava-stone is an igneous rock which does not deteriorate, is no-toxic, and above all odourless. UNIVERSO's 40 years of experience on the world market enables us to manufacture high reliable equipment, always employing top quality materials to guarantee maximum safety in compliance with the current regulations.

The cooking is carried out by shielded burners in tubolar stainless steel; these burners, heat the lava stones layed on special supports made of heavy duty AISI-316 Stainless Steel mesh. The cooking grill is height adjustable by means of two levers at the front. A removable tray collects dripping fat and ash.

Churrasco for lavastone grill

All lavagrills can be equipped with hood, wheels, and lower service cabinet. It is available as well a motor-driven churasco top for each model.

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Tuscany, Wood-fueled barbecue with spits

Model width Grills Cooking area, Cm Overalls, Cm
120 Cm 2 2 x W45xD55 120x105x240H
180 Cm 3 3 x W45xD55 180x105x250H
230 Cm 4 4 x W45xD55 230x105x250H
Tuscany grill wood fueled 230 cm


Tuscany is a stylistic wood & coal fueled barbecue unit. It features height adjustable grills (grills have a net surface of 45x55 cm eachone), drawers to collect ash, 4-spits rotisserie system, lower storing cabinets, can be finished in stainless steel or painted metal sheet (several colors available).

Tuscany is available in 1.2 (2 grills), 1.8 (3 grills), and 2.3 (4 grills) meters wide. These grills can be enhanced by means of our De Luxe decorative elements as well as tailored to customer requirements.

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Charcoal Barbecue Grills

Model width Grills Cooking area, Cm Overalls, Cm
CE.60 1 W45xD55 60x70x220H
CE.118 2 2 x W45xD55 118x70x230H
CE.180 3 3 x W45xD55 176x70x240H
CE.230 4 4 x W45xD55 230x70x240H
I.1 1 W45xD55 60x66x45H
I.2 2 2 x W45xD55 110x66x45H
charcoal grills


All chargrills can be enhanced by means of our De Luxe decorative elements as well as tailored according to customer available space or completed with personal features. Model I.1 and I.2 are suitable for embedding in customer's own architectural islands and feature frontal height and upsetting control levers; the brazier has slot holes to allow ash dropping.

All of our chargrills include double grills set to fasten the food between two joined grills. It allows to overturn the grills instead of food during the cooking process, thus avoiding the risk to damage the food.

Rio, Charcoal Churasco Grill

Model width Total swords Rotating swords Overalls, Cm
130 Cm 22 8 130x90x240H
190 Cm 34 12 190x90x250H
250 Cm 46 16 250x90x250H
Churasco grill, charcoal fueled


Charcoal fueled Churasco Rio is Stainless Steel finished with parts in painted sheet (custom color), fully insulated, features 3 rows of swords (the lower row rotates by a single electric motor), swords net length cm 60, ash collecting drawers. All models can be equipped with heavy-duty grills set (allowing to use as BBQ). Rio is available in 130, 190, and 250 cm wide.

All units can be enhanced by means of our De Luxe decorative elements as well as tailored according to customer available space or completed with personal features.

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