Manufacturer of Professional Rotisseries & Grills, ODM

By over 50 years we have become leader in the design and construction of Rotisseries and Grills (gas or electric heated, firewood and charcoal fueled). Our products are characterized by an exclusive design combined with structural soundness. On manufacturing process, we pay close attention to using the best components, materials and technologies to ensure maximum reliability and time lasting. Even more, our rich offer includes a series of freestand barbecues designed specifically to be integrated into the architecture of latest format restaurants.

Woodfired ovens and rotisseries
Ovens & Fireplaces: bespoke wood fired ovens with rotisserie grill

Tuscany wood fueled grill 120 cm
Wood & Charcoal fueled grill, suitable for Residentials !

Tuscany wood fueled grill 180 cm
Tuscany, Wood & Coal fueled grill, 180 cm, navy color finished

Tuscany wood fueled grill 180 cm
Tuscany, Wood & Coal fueled grill, 180 cm version, black finished

Grill cockerels and chickens
Wood or charcoal fueled grill for cockerels and chickens
Oven wood fueled
Wood burning rotisserie oven, model M.0 restyling
CG488 gas rotisserie oven
Model CG488, gas heated planetary rotisserie, size versions available
Rio 130 charcoal churrasco grill
Model Rio, charcoal fueled churasco grill, size versions available

Rotisserie woodfired, mod. A28
Wood-fired Rotisseries, size models from 20 to 120 chickens load, details ...
Rotisseries, gas fueled, electric
Gas, Electric Rotisseries, size models from 12 to 100 chickens load, details ...

Gas, lavarock grills
Gas fueled Grills, Lavastone units from 47 to 124 Cm wide, details ...
Wood and Chargrills
Chargrills, available in width from 60 to 230 Cm, details ...



Address: Località La Torre, Via Del Fondaccio, 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo, Firenze, Italy

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